ESG due diligence

Helping you understand and take action based on your ESG readiness

ESG due diligence is a crucial process

It helps financial services firms, investors, and other stakeholders understand the potential risks and opportunities associated with a company’s activities. Ultimately, the activity can help identify potential ESG-related issues that could impact a company’s reputation, financial performance, and long-term sustainability.

Whether conducted as part of the risk assessment process for mergers and acquisitions, investments, or other business transactions, an exploration of your ESG readiness will consider issues such as prevailing regulation, reputational issues, the strength of ESG claims, human rights risk and suitability of business processes.

Environmental due diligence might involve reviewing environmental permits and compliance records, conducting site assessments and audits, and assessing the potential liability for environmental damage.

Social due diligence focuses on assessing elements such as labour practices, human rights, health and safety standards, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion policies.

Governance due diligence may involve reviewing a company’s policies and procedures, its code of conduct, and its risk management practices.

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