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The last few years have seen a boom in interest and activity in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing – and an equally rapid increase in scrutiny and scepticism. The landscape is changing fast and becoming increasingly complex.

Is ESG solely about reducing risk and optimising profit? Does ‘sustainable investing’ deliver sustainability? The initial years of excitement around ESG investment have given way to a more nuanced and challenging environment, in which firms and funds are under the microscope, both to demonstrate a meaningful role in the ESG debate and to do so without overstating, greenwashing, or falling foul of the patchwork of restrictive regulations taking shape around the world.

Investors and their beneficiaries today have their plates full, between ESG disclosure obligations that reach right through their portfolios, a tough fundraising climate, and risk profile covering a vast territory of environmental, social, political, regulatory and other factors.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, if you have strong foundations rooted in your investment strategy and linked to an understanding of how environmental and social impacts affect your ability to generate returns. We’ve been working in sustainability for the last 25 years. Our vast experience, insight and knowledge of ESG enables us to help our financial services clients navigate their specific challenges and take action that meets the expectations of today’s investors and contributes to value creation.

Our pragmatic and practical approach will enable you to create a meaningful strategy to embed ESG into your organisation, your investment process, your portfolios and assets. This gives you control of how your ESG approach supports you in generating returns to be proud of.

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For 25 years, Sancroft has focused exclusively on advising corporations and financial services firms on ESG. Our broad client portfolio gives us a unique and deep perspective on the spectrum of business value and investment cycle. Our trusted expertise supports forward-looking businesses to simplify, prioritise, and accelerate action towards a sustainable future.

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