Reporting and disclosures

Enhancing performance and reducing risk through better reporting

To be trusted, you need to have a robust way of disclosing your sustainability impacts

To be the trusted organisation your stakeholders are seeking, you will need to have a robust, transparent and efficient way of disclosing your sustainability impacts – and your plans to improve your performance and take action.

It takes knowledge, insight and understanding to report in a way your investors, customers and employees will find valuable and useful. They are increasingly looking towards indices and performance rankings when making a decision about who to do business with. So, organisations that improve their standard of sustainability reporting and disclosure can gain the competitive edge.

The work that goes into effective sustainability reporting – highlighting transparency, accountability and performance – also identifies the operations, processes and products that need to be improved or better aligned with best practice and investor and customer expectations. This helps to:

  • Improve decision-making
  • Save costs
  • Remove waste
  • Develop more efficient operations
  • Reduce risk across businesses and supply chains

Reporting standards, tools, and frameworks

We’ve provided extensive guidance and insight to help clients report against a range of global sustainability standards, tools, and frameworks, including:

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

UNGC is built upon ten principles that together support global companies in their commitments to responsible business practices relating to labour, the environment and human rights. It promotes initiatives that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (aka SDGs and Global Goals).

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

This independent, multi-stakeholder standards-setting organisation provides the world’s most widely used and recognised standards for organisations to report their impacts on the environment, economy and people. Sancroft guides clients through the universal and sector-specific impact to enhance understanding and reporting.

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