Meeting expectations in a changing landscape

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Around the world, our relationship to health and wellness is changing and expanding. At Sancroft, we understand this landscape and support our clients to meet these changing expectations.

As employees, we have come to expect a duty of care that extends far beyond on-the-job accident prevention. As consumers, we demand healthy product choices without sacrificing the pleasure of our favourite foods. Across society, we expect business to be a driver of solutions related to:

Balanced diets

Rising obesity and the dual burden of under- and over-nutrition are often linked to inadequate food options, poor choices and insufficient education. Meanwhile, the search for sustainable nutrition – from sweeteners to protein sources – is increasingly attracting both campaign pressure and government policy intervention.

Workplace wellness

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) is no longer the preserve of those in high physical risk occupations or regions of the world, nor is it concerned exclusively with limiting illnesses and injuries on the job. In recent years, the business sector has come increasingly to understand and value a far broader notion of well-being – physical, social, mental and financial – at the heart of people’s relationship with work.


Productivity suffers as a result of all forms of ill health, including obesity and mental health, and can have significant impacts on the wider economy. Therefore, actions that support holistic wellness are firmly on the agenda of investors, civil society and governments worldwide.

Our Services

While the risks are significant, so too are the opportunities – to serve markets with healthy choices, create productive and attractive workplaces, and help support ageing communities. We do this through:

Mapping the issues.

Our trend analysis and horizon scanning take in public policy, scientific research, consumer trends, business-to-business pressures and stakeholder expectations, generating a picture of the context for your company and your products. We can help you understand the current landscape, as well as the drivers behind trends in product labelling, reformulation, portion sizes, options editing, safety, occupational health, responsible marketing and a wide array of others. Our network and experience in stakeholder mapping help you identify the right individuals and engage them with integrity.

Setting priorities.

We support businesses in identifying the health and wellness issues material to their business strategy and help determine a response to them. We help you proactively determine how to address the interrelated dynamics of the health and wellness challenges you face – from marketing to products, audiences to environments.

Targeted actions.

We can support you in creating a concrete road map, including internal operations, business relationships, product offerings and external partnerships to help you deliver on your strategy and build trust and resilience across your value chain. We can help you set timelines, metrics, goals and targets to guide your actions and measure your progress.

Thought leadership

We can help you demonstrate leadership through partnerships, research and publications that help to set the agenda on the issues you want to inform and contribute to. We convene and facilitate multi-company, multi-stakeholder dialogues and collaboration to produce faster and more meaningful impact.

Benefits for your business

The new face of health and wellness brings new scrutiny of business models, products and service offerings, but also brings enormous opportunities to serve the market with innovative solutions. We can help you to:

  • Engage with a wide range of stakeholders including governments, investors, campaign organisations and civil society, demonstrating an awareness and commitment to tackling public health challenges, whether through adjustments to product portfolios, or investing in health and wellness programmes
  • Credibly and strategically respond to current and potential future legislative developments. In a context where policy instruments such as sugar taxes are becoming more commonplace, robust strategies combined with voluntary action such as reformulation targets have a critical role to play
  • Open up new market segments for products and services that give consumers new options to be healthy, while strengthening reputation and brand
  • Realise operational benefits: healthy and well employees tend to be more productive. Additional benefits include improved retention and reduced absenteeism

Case Studies

Sancroft partnered with the International SOS Foundation to produce a thought-leadership report: ‘Maximising the value of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) and workplace wellness reporting: A practical guide for internationally operating employers.’

The report provides OH&S, sustainability and corporate reporting professionals with practical guidance on how to improve OH&S reporting and practice. It was informed by interviews with leading multinational organisations, alongside engagement with leaders in the field and comprehensive research and analysis of publicly available information.

A key finding was the need for an approach to OH&S which includes multiple dimensions of well-being – physical, mental, financial, social – and reframes the corporate sector’s role in safeguarding employee health in all settings.

In addition, Sancroft conducted a series of webinars with International SOS employees to enhance their understanding of OH&S reporting and practice as an area of risk and a driver of business value for their clients, and assist International SOS in general through a broader sustainability lens.

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If you want to make your business fit to meet the health and wellness challenges of the future, get in touch.