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  • Sep302022

    Life During Wartime: New Guidance on Heightened Human Rights Due Diligence in Conflict-Affected Contexts

    Conflict around the world is rising. Civil wars have tripled over the years. Challenges such as resource scarcity, climate change…

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  • Mar142022

    Mandatory value chain due diligence in the EU

    A new proposal has been adopted in Europe that will require companies to identify and root out negative human rights…

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  • Sep012021

    Strengthening corporate accountability through the Modern Slavery Act

    Since its inception in 2015, the UK Modern Slavery Act has been criticised as relying on ‘tick-box’ disclosures that lack…

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  • Jun302021

    Uyghurs, cotton, and ethics: how can fashion retailers respond?

    The concerns related to ethical credentials of cotton produced in China has recently put companies across the international fashion industry…

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  • Jun302021

    The future of textile regulation

    We are currently consuming more than ever and managing the disposal of all these products is a growing problem across…

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  • Mar122021

    The three steps Boards must take on climate

    By Michael Bateson, former Senior Analyst at Sancroft. — Whilst the world gets to grips with vaccines, variants and other…

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  • Jan282021

    Abolishing modern slavery: efforts to hold businesses accountable accelerate

    The issue of modern slavery has again been hitting headlines this month. This is no longer simply a moral issue…

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  • Dec172020

    Our top trends in sustainable business for 2020

    As a challenging and unconventional year draws to a close, we reflect back on the trends and developments that have…

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  • Dec072020

    How prepared is your business for mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence measures?

    Businesses are increasingly being called to account for injustices occurring in their supply chains – be that forced labour in…

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  • Sep152020

    The future of fashion: event recap

    The fashion industry, like all others, has witnessed severe disruption as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the pandemic…

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