Posts tagged with ‘Human Rights’

  • May252023

    Tackling modern slavery in your supply chain: an open-source tool to help you get started

    Interview with Elaine Mitchel-Hill, ESG & Human Rights Director, Marshalls PLC Awareness about the extent of human rights abuses in…

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  • Jan252023

    Key trends from the world’s largest annual gathering on business and human rights

    Key trends from the world’s largest annual gathering on business and human rights Human rights is fast becoming a priority…

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  • Nov172022

    Learning from Qatar: the future for football and human rights

    By Matt Thorogood, former Senior Analyst at Sancroft. — There has never been a time when the relationship between football…

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  • Nov022022

    Putting people at the centre: Why we need a proactive approach to climate change and human rights

    The climate crisis threatens widespread disruptions to business operations and supply chains, and the people and communities that business rely…

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  • Sep302022

    Life During Wartime: New Guidance on Heightened Human Rights Due Diligence in Conflict-Affected Contexts

    Conflict around the world is rising. Civil wars have tripled over the years. Challenges such as resource scarcity, climate change…

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  • Jul292022

    Sancroft Insight: July 2022

    Welcome to Sancroft’s July 2022 newsletter! Just as the UK is recovering from the hottest temperatures on record, the Met…

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  • Jul292022

    Climate change and human rights: Why businesses need an integrated approach to people and planet to ensure resilience

    The recent extreme weather across the globe is a powerful reminder that climate change will have profound implications for people…

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  • Mar142022

    Mandatory value chain due diligence in the EU

    A new proposal has been adopted in Europe that will require companies to identify and root out negative human rights…

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  • Jan282021

    Abolishing modern slavery: efforts to hold businesses accountable accelerate

    The issue of modern slavery has again been hitting headlines this month. This is no longer simply a moral issue…

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  • Dec072020

    How prepared is your business for mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence measures?

    Businesses are increasingly being called to account for injustices occurring in their supply chains – be that forced labour in…

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