Sustainability governance and risk management

Developing resilient governance systems to drive sustainable growth

Strong sustainability performance demands robust governance

To continuously improve the way companies manage their sustainability performance, they must have a good understanding of how, why and where they are having an impact on the planet and people.

This is why corporate sustainability governance and risk management are so important.

It is only by having appropriate and effective policies, processes and management systems that organisations can ensure they are doing all they can to drive sustainability performance – from reducing greenhouse gas emission impacts and eliminating human rights risks, to cutting waste and delivering low-carbon products that customers increasingly expect.

Effective governance provides a framework for decision-making that takes into account the long-term interests of stakeholders, rather than just the short-term interests of shareholders. Robust governance process also enables companies to get on with the day-to-day running of their operations, confident that what they are doing – and how they are doing it – is in line with what their stakeholders expect of them.

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