Reporting and disclosures

Attracting ESG-focused investment with clear and stronger disclosure

Demonstrate how your ESG is aligned with your purpose

The increasing flows of capital into ESG related investments means that there is both a significant incentive for firms who can demonstrate the ESG credentials of their funds.

ESG reporting and disclosure is an increasingly important tool that enables investors to compare organisations on a range of sustainability issues, and to guide and inform their ESG investment strategy.

Reporting helps companies to demonstrate that their ESG performance is aligned with their purpose, mission and corporate strategy.

The rise of climate-related litigation and increased scrutiny from regulators over the claims made on ESG performance, mean firms must be confident that their labelling of funds genuinely meets the standards or regulations in question, for example.

Firms that don’t meet disclosure requirements will struggle to attract capital hallmarked for ESG investment and in their own investment due diligence. They also face serious reputational and legal risk if statements cannot be backed by fact.

Reporting standards, tools, and frameworks

When it comes to ESG reporting and disclosure, we provide extensive guidance and insight to help clients report against a range of global sustainability standards, tools, and frameworks, including:

Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI)

The UN-backed PRI is a global scheme for incorporating responsible actions into investment decisions with over 5,300 signatories including asset managers, asset owners and service providers. Sancroft is a signatory of the PRI and helps clients with business readiness and reporting.

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

TCFD is an initiative of the Financial Stability Board and its recommendations identify the types of information that companies should disclose to support financial markets in assessing and pricing risks relating to climate change. Sancroft helps clients prepare for TCFD-aligned disclosures and reporting.

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