Benedict Greenway


Benedict is interested in sustainable mobility and how cities must evolve to meet the changing needs of society.

Benedict has been involved in projects for both financial services and corporate clients. He has worked extensively on unpicking and supporting business in preparing for upcoming sustainability reporting frameworks and legislation, such as the EU Taxonomy. One such project included understanding the obligations of a multinational food processing and retail company and developing a roadmap to meet the requirements. Other projects Benedict has worked on include double materiality for a construction firm, developing the inaugural sustainability strategy for a renewable energy technology company and in distilling stakeholder insight for a strategic rail and river freight infrastructure project.

Benedict’s experience has come from working at a renewable energy and clean technology trade association, where he researched and contributed to a comprehensive study on the future of road transport in the UK. This included analysis of relevant policy and technologies, namely hydrogen, electrification and biofuels. Before this, he achieved a distinction in his MSc in Sustainable Cities from King’s College London, studying environmental policy and completing his own research on kickstarting the UK electric vehicle market.

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