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  • Mar272019

    The Anti-Plastic Revolution | An RBC webinar presented by Felix Gummer

    Presented by Felix Gummer, Director at Sancroft; Phil Langham, Head of RBC Emerging Markets Equity | Click here to listen to the…

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  • Mar042019

    Part 3 | The Changing Face of Fashion: The Plastics Agenda

    By Robyn Lockyer, former Senior Analyst at Sancroft. – The final part of our fashion series takes a deeper dive…

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  • Feb212019

    Resources & Waste Strategy Consultations Now Open: Key debates and next steps for business

    By Pendragon Stuart, former Consultant at Sancroft. — Defra’s Resources and Waste strategy, which we have summarised before ,…

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  • Dec212018

    Sancroft’s take on the Resources & Waste Strategy: What does this mean for business?

    By Aran Spivey and Robyn Lockyer, former Senior Analysts at Sancroft. — Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS) has been…

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  • Nov022018

    How Business can Tackle Plastic Pollution | A Podcast with Felix Gummer

    An interview with Felix Gummer and Ian Welsh. Click here to listen to the podcast. ‘What we should not be…

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  • Oct302018

    UK Budget 2018: Plastics & Packaging

    Ahead of the Resources and Waste Strategy, businesses should take this Budget as a warning – that inaction, or inadequate action, can be punished by a government under immense pressure from media and the public. In and amongst growing legislation, opportunities exist for companies who are brave and can integrate sensible decision making on materials into their operations.

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  • Oct292018

    How Business Can Tackle Plastic Pollution: Key Takeaways

    By Ross Lakhdari, fomer Consultant at Sancroft. — Amid increasing attention from the media, public, government and industry, Innovation Forum…

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  • Sep202018

    One year on from Blue Planet II: What’s changed for plastics?

    By Michael Bateson, former Senior Analyst at Sancroft. — 2017 was the year that ocean plastics, and the corresponding damage…

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  • Jun132018

    Investor interest in the current plastics agenda | An Interview with Lord Deben & Alison Hampton

    By Ross Lakhdari, former Consultant at Sancroft. — A discussion with our Chairman, Lord Deben, and Sancroft Advisor, Alison Hampton,…

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  • May222018

    Microfibre pollution: Opportunities for a coordinated industry response

    By Dom de Ville, former Director at Sancroft. — The pollution of the marine environment from macro-plastic litter has risen…

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