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  • Mar212023

    Planet on Trial: the surging trend of corporate climate litigation

    Last month, a ground-breaking legal action was taken against Shell’s Board of Directors for neglecting to address the risks climate…

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  • Nov252022

    Finance Day at COP27: Key themes and takeaways for investors

    The role and profile of finance as an essential enabler of climate action took a massive step forward at COP26…

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  • Nov242022

    The transition to sustainable food systems: has COP27 made a difference?

    For the first time at a UN climate conference, an entire day was dedicated to agriculture and food – and…

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  • Nov232022

    Representation matters: women and climate change is a business leadership issue

    The image of world leaders at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt drew immediate questions as to where the women were.…

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  • Nov022022

    Putting people at the centre: Why we need a proactive approach to climate change and human rights

    The climate crisis threatens widespread disruptions to business operations and supply chains, and the people and communities that business rely…

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  • Sep272022

    It’s time to hang greenwashing out to dry: here’s how

    It’s official. Greenwashing is formally part of the English language. In September 2022, Merriam-Webster pronounced that ‘greenwash’ has had sufficient and…

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  • Sep202022

    Climate change and buildings: why businesses can benefit by building resilience

    The summer of 2022 once again highlighted how climate change will continue to affect the way we live and work.…

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  • Jul292022

    Sancroft Insight: July 2022

    Welcome to Sancroft’s July 2022 newsletter! Just as the UK is recovering from the hottest temperatures on record, the Met…

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  • Jul292022

    Climate change and human rights: Why businesses need an integrated approach to people and planet to ensure resilience

    The recent extreme weather across the globe is a powerful reminder that climate change will have profound implications for people…

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  • May312022

    Sancroft Insight: May 2022

    Welcome to Sancroft’s May 2022 newsletter! While global markets are in turmoil, the Russian war in Ukraine drags on, and…

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