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The ESG agenda constantly evolves

The ESG agenda constantly evolves. Understanding what is expected of financial services firms is more important than ever. Having the right information, analysis and insights to forecast and predict future changes in the investor narrative, including developments in technology and moves by competitors, is crucial if you are to gain the competitive advantage and stay ahead of the market.

But the ESG landscape can be overwhelming, with a wealth of stories, regulatory changes and developments to seek out and respond to.

That’s where the Sancroft ESG Briefing can support you.

About the briefing

“Clients really value how bespoke and curated the Sancroft briefing is to their needs. We really spend time working on what the client wants and needs to know, the issues that really matter to them and their business and delivering top insights to their inbox whenever they want.”

Erika Furbert, Consultant at Sancroft

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