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Your stakeholders expect more from you than ever before

The sustainability agenda is rapidly evolving. Today, your stakeholders expect more from you than ever before. It’s important that you have the information, insights and tools to foresee any changes to the public narrative, so that your organisation can proactively address developments, and gain a competitive advantage.

The trouble is, with such an overwhelming number of news stories, activist campaigns, and regulatory changes, it’s tough to identify and navigate all the important headlines and trends.

That’s where the Sancroft Sustainability Briefing can help. Working closely with you, the Briefing is a collection of latest sustainability issues carefully curated for you and your business.

About the briefing

‘The Daily Briefing has been an incredibly useful resource for us at ABF. We provided Sancroft with a brief of the topics we would like to receive information on and they respond with curated content built around what we want and need to know, for our businesses and the markets we operate in.’

Katharine Stewart, Group Corporate Responsibility Director, ABF

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