Henry Dimbleby and sustainability in the food sector

Henry Dimbleby and sustainability in the food sector
26th February 2020 John Gummer
28th May 2020

Henry Dimbleby and sustainability in the food sector

The co-founder of the Leon chain of restaurants, Henry Dimbleby, is one of the leading advocates for sustainability in the food sector.

As a founder of the Sustainable Restaurant Association he established an organisation which works across the foodservice sector to improve its social and environmental impact.

He is currently a board member at Defra and in 2019 led an independent review which will result in the UK’s first National Food Strategy for 75 years.

On Thursday 28 May, Lord Deben will be hosting an online discussion where we have an opportunity to hear his views on the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the UK food system.

This is an invitation-only event, however we will be sharing a post-event write up of the key themes emerging from the session, which we will also feature in the June edition of our monthly newsletter.

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