Sancroft's Sustainability Briefing

Sancroft's Sustainability Briefing

Sancroft’s Sustainability Briefing

The sustainability agenda is rapidly growing, and stakeholders are expecting more from companies now than ever before. Firms face an overwhelming number of news stories, activist campaigns, and regulatory changes, making important headlines and trends difficult to identify and navigate. Decision makers must be given the best tools to be able to foresee changes to the public narrative, proactively address developments, and gain competitive advantage.

Sancroft’s Sustainability Briefing offers a smarter solution to focus your efforts; ensuring a clear and concise understanding of the emerging issues of public concern, and allowing your organisation to stay ahead of the curve.

Working together in close collaboration, we help you to identify pertinent sustainability issues, assess your material business risks, and provide leading analysis on themes that matter to you.

What we do

  • Scan: We scan topics and issues relevant to your business from around the globe
  • Distill: We capture, analyse, and distill the most material topics and issues into an engaging brief
  • Inform: We share this with you on a daily/weekly basis to inform your colleagues

What we offer

  • A bespoke briefing of the day’s developments relevant to your company, employees, and strategy – all agreed through collaboration
  • Sancroft’s insight on sustainability topics, with added analysis on how your business is affected
  • A personal point of contact at Sancroft to discuss your briefing, as required
  • Regular reviews of what issues are affecting you – and frequent opportunities to evaluate the efficacy of the briefing

What you gain

A briefing that:

  • Extends far beyond ‘keyword search’ – professional judgement is applied to ensure relevance
  • Eliminates low-quality sources and cuts out repetition
  • Distils essence of story for a quick, early morning read, with links included for greater depth
  • Covers your competitors, new takes on established stories, emerging trends, and more

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