Ciara Chauvineau


Ciara is a passionate and ambitious advocate for social and environmental corporate practices. Throughout her career she has worked in multi-national teams and is bilingual in English and French.

Most recently, Ciara worked in the outdoor industry, with a focus on extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation across Europe setting ambitious but manageable carbon reduction targets, as well as achieving B Corp certification. She has worked in hard goods and apparel, and is familiar with the fast-moving sustainability approaches, frameworks, regulations, and rereporting, particularly in the fashion industry.

Ciara recently became a B Leader, associated with B Lab Switzerland, which allows her to offer guidance and concrete impact action plans to all companies interested in the B Corp certification process.

Prior to this, Ciara graduated with a First in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University of Birmingham, where she majored in Law, with a specific focus on EU Law and criminal justice. While on her year abroad at Leiden University College, she completed a multi-disciplinary sustainability research field-course in Kenya and Tanzania. Her studies enabled her to broaden her interests in global environmental and social practices.

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