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  • Nov022022

    Putting people at the centre: Why we need a proactive approach to climate change and human rights

    The climate crisis threatens widespread disruptions to business operations and supply chains, and the people and communities that business rely…

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  • May312022

    Key take-outs from our biodiversity event

    1970 – 2020 witnessed an alarming decrease in biodiversity. As consequences become increasingly apparent, it is clear that ending and…

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  • Dec032021

    Key take-outs from our COP26 event

    COP26 ran from 31st October to 12th November and aimed to build on the Paris agreement of COP21, with countries…

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  • Nov042020

    Food Tech Matters 2020: How technology is shaping future industry

    The latest edition of Food Tech Matters took place in October and its new entirely digital format did not disappoint.…

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  • Sep302020

    Sancroft Monthly Insight: September Edition

    The year seems to be flying by – how can it possibly be October already? Unfortunately, and predictably, the change…

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