Investor ESG Toolkit for Private Equity

The business case for integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is familiar and accepted. Yet, the challenge remains across private markets, and private equity in particular, to provide clarity on how to take action and seize the benefits for people, planet and profit that ESG integration brings.

In a world where ESG factors are crucial to value creation, ESG integration is essential to ensuring firms can manage emerging risk and optimise investment returns. Without the ability to demonstrate a systemic inclusion of ESG issues in investment analysis, investment decisions and ongoing portfolio management, firms will be unable to attract a share of the growing amount of investment capital looking for opportunities from an ESG perspective.

Understand ESG Integration for Private Equity

Free to download, Sancroft’s Investor ESG Toolkit for private equity is designed specifically to strengthen and accelerate ESG integration. The interactive toolkit will help firms:

  • Clarify what ESG integration means for them
  • Understand the steps they need to take to ensure ESG integration delivers value
  • Evolve ESG integration in line with the expectations of investors, regulators and other stakeholders.

Introducing a new ESG integration maturity model that identifies attributes for firm, investment and reporting at every stage. By identifying which attributes are present in the current practices, firms can determine the next steps they need to take to support their ESG evolution.

Diagram from the Investor ESG Toolkit for private equity showing the four stages of ESG maturity: aware, activating, confident, optimising
Sancroft’s Investor ESG Toolkit for private equity identifies four stages of maturity in ESG integration, each with discrete attributes.

The Investor ESG Toolkit also reveals the seven drivers to success that advance a private equity firm’s ESG journey. To help private equity firms navigate the different terminology, regulations and organisations associated with ESG, we’ve included an essential ESG glossary.

Using the toolkit will help private equity firms better understand ESG to maximise value and optimise investment returns.

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