News: New disclosure appraisal streamlines sustainability reporting

By Charlotte Miller

Businesses who report against multiple ESG standards and regulations can now streamline their approach to disclosure by using a new assessment and planning framework developed by Sancroft.

The new framework comprises a four-step step process which identifies relevant standards and regulations, highlights the similarities and differences required for disclosure against key themes such as governance or carbon, maps out the political and sustainability trends which will impact on future reporting and then creates an action plan to manage disclosure.

At a time of intensification of sustainability reporting and related regulation, the disclosure assessment allows management teams to cut through the noise and understand how they can organise resources and give the business time to reflect and prepare for opportunities and risks arising from the insight gathered.

The reporting evaluation is specifically designed to help organisations who operate across different jurisdictions and face industry-specific disclosure around resource use, emissions, supply chains, governance and other sustainability issues.

If you’d like to hear how our new disclosure appraisal tool can help your organisation plan ahead, get in touch with Charlotte Miller, Senior Consultant: