Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals

Delivering the SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals play a unique role in defining the global agenda to 2030 as a powerful framework to act and build partnerships around a common vision. Since the launch of the SDGs in 2015, it has been widely recognised that businesses are key actors in driving forward this agenda. And the benefits to business are numerous – helping instil greater purpose and focus among employees and customers in uncertain times, opening new business opportunities worth trillions, strengthening dialogue with stakeholders, and defining common language to communicate impacts, actions and progress.

At Sancroft, we support our clients to act and deliver on the SDGs across our service offerings in multiple sectors. Sancroft is ideally placed to support the integration of the Goals into your core business strategy. We can help you define what the SDGs mean to you, identify priorities in line with your business strengths and objectives, and uncover new opportunities for value creation.

We are also engaged in building meaningful partnerships and collaboration around the goals, on behalf of our clients and by contributing our own expertise. We are proud partners of UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development network (UKSSD), a national cross-sector network of organisations committed to collaborating to deliver the Goals here in our home country.

Our expertise can help you:


We can help you identify your relationship to the Goals and their underlying targets. We do this by supporting you to:

  • Understand the relationship of your existing business activities with the Goals and your greatest exposure across the value chain
  • Make sense of the most significant external pressures and stakeholder expectations in line with the SDGs agenda, and identify where your business can add most value

You can unlock value in the SDGs by targeting significant leverage points where your business can positively deliver sustainable outcomes whilst creating business value. We can support you to:

  • Align your core value drivers with relevant SDGs and targets. We use Sancroft’s proprietary tool to identify specific SDG targets that align with your business priorities and material sustainability topics
  • Identify specific SDGs, or broader themes, that affect your business activities, and present new opportunities to deliver on the SDGs and open up new value streams
Aim & Act

We can help you translate your focus areas to actions by setting goals and integrating these within existing corporate and sustainability strategies and action plans. We can support you to:

  • Set goals, or update existing ones, to outline your contribution to the SDGs, identifying strategic objectives under prioritised goals and a means of implementation that ensure resources are directed towards long-term value creation
  • Develop and implement action programmes to achieve your goals
  • Design a monitoring process that aligns your goals with specific KPIs that can be integrated into your corporate strategy, and enables you to track outputs, outcomes and impacts of your activities and your contribution to delivering on the Goals

Sancroft can help you develop a compelling story to communicate your contribution to the Global Goals. Whether at corporate or product level, or as part of your sustainability reporting, we can support you from idea generation to publication. We can also help you engage key stakeholders and obtain internal and external buy-in at all levels, achieving a shared sense of ownership that drives meaningful action among your current and future employees, and business partners.

Benefits for your business

Your contribution to the sustainable development agenda could unlock significant business opportunities through a coordinated approach. It will enable your business to:

  • Develop a holistic strategy that aligns sustainability considerations with your business priorities
  • Have clear priorities for the future in uncertain times
  • Effectively manage risks and future-proof your business
  • Discover concrete business opportunities that achieve meaningful contributions to drive forward actions across the SDGs
  • Communicate your efforts to stakeholders in a compelling and engaging way

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