Building a strategy for plastics and packaging

Sancroft Team
By Sancroft Team

By Dom de Ville, former Director at Sancroft.

The use and disposal of plastic will have a game-changing impact on all businesses who use these materials over coming years.

This isn’t just down to the influence of the anti-plastic consumer backlash on use of the substance.

A combination of a new plastics tax due in 2022 and the ballooning cost of compliance fees that users of plastic must pay now, and in the future, will change the economics of doing business, placing some business models in jeopardy.

What is the extent of the risks to your business? And how should you respond to those challenges?

As part of Sancroft’s newly launched thought leadership programme, we have produced two reports which answer these questions:

Our first report shines a light on the future landscape for organisations who use plastic packaging from a tax, policy and cost perspective. The second report provides insight on how you can go about developing a packaging strategy for your business. Read more and download them here and here.