Sancroft Insight: November 2021

Sancroft Insight: November 2021
10th November 2021 Judy Kuszewski
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Welcome to Sancroft’s mid-COP26 newsletter. The first week was defined by the positions, signals and commitments – however big or small – of global leaders. The second week is where the real action happens, when negotiators twist arms for hard promises and prise open purses for funding. The Glasgow Declaration has yet to be written, but it will be the real test of the success of this momentous historic gathering.

The city of Glasgow – literally ‘dear green place’ in Gaelic – has rarely hosted so many visitors at once, but as Jessica Clavette explores Emerging Climate Policy Divergence, the devolved government in Scotland is no stranger to climate policy. All of the devolved governments, regional administrations and local authorities across the UK are and will continue to be essential players in Team Net Zero. But how are the different systems approaching the challenge, and how can business meet multiple expectations – and crucially, how can we avoid unnecessary divergence? Jess notes four key takeaways that business can act on now.

Net zero pledges themselves can face criticism for allowing too much carbon to sit outside the designated scope, or enabling what some see as balance-sheet games rather than the hard work of eliminating emissions. A serious emissions-reduction plan cannot be enacted without decarbonising supply chains. As Rachel Horigan writes Spotlight on scope 3 and supply chain decarbonisation, the so-called Scope 3 emissions found in supply chains can often comprise 75% or more of a business’s overall carbon footprint. With so many eyes trained on climate performance over the next few years, companies should take steps now to ensure their business is future-fit.

Finally, Ailsa Dormon has been talking recently about the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes, which provide legal and regulatory obligations to companies in relation to their products’ materials and waste footprint. Have a look at her two videos here and here – free to view at Thompson Reuters Legal through 14th November (you’ll need a Practical Law subscription thereafter)!

As ever, we are keen to hear more about your experiences and challenges. Get in touch with any feedback, questions or just to have a conversation.

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