Sancroft Monthly Insight: January 2021

Sancroft Monthly Insight: January 2021
28th January 2021 Judy Kuszewski
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We all hope your 2021 is off to a flying start! Here at Sancroft virtual HQ we have been laying the groundwork for an exciting and productive year ahead.

I hope you don’t mind beginning with the news that Sancroft was awarded best ESG Advisory/Consultancy at the Private Equity Service Provider Awards last week! We are so proud of the range of our expertise and capability to support PE and alternative asset managers  in making ESG a true driver of value and impact for their business. The award was judged by a distinguished panel of seasoned investment professionals assembled by private equity specialist media company The Drawdown. Our ESG integration work has been on a truly exciting path and we have seen the alternative asset managers and PE firms in particular making very substantial efforts to capture sustainable value and drive real change. I’ve written a short summary of some of our PE highlights here.

It wouldn’t be January without a look ahead to the ideas and trends likely to shape the world of business and sustainability. Our consultant Pen Stuart is anticipating that 2021 will see a range of historically underplayed ‘niche’ concerns finally come centre stage. Take a look at his analysis, which includes biodiversity, the rights of workers and communities and tackling rising inequality.

Among those trends, we are seeing an expansion of the well-underway legal and business responses to the crime of modern slavery. Our Senior Analyst Rachel Horigan has done a round-up of the latest. Modern slavery may encompass a range of activities, all of which are illegal under international law, generally perpetrated by state actors or organised crime. Yet, as highlighted by the recent case of victims trafficked to work for one of the UK’s leading waste management companies, these crimes may be much less likely to happen if businesses are diligent about their procedures to prevent them. The less willing we are look the other way, the more effective we will be in preventing abuse and securing access to justice for victims.

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