Sancroft Monthly Insight: May Edition

Sancroft Monthly Insight: May Edition
3rd June 2020 Judy Kuszewski
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May has seen the continuation of many themes we have been seeing over the past several months. Not just in business, but in our personal lives too. Some of the accommodations we have had to make in this period –in terms of working, commuting, schooling, holidaying, or socialising – may be with us for a long time to come, and, more positively, can evolve into more creative, inclusive methods we will still be using even after physical distancing comes to an end.

Even with signs that various activities in different countries will start reopening, the prospect of global recession is a worrying one, and places pressure on businesses and individuals alike to start preparing for the worst.

The team at Sancroft and I have thought long and hard about what a post-Covid world looks like and have identified several key areas that we see as crucial to business success and survival. Our chairman Lord Deben explores this in these month’s flagship piece – From Emergency to Emergence: Building Resilience for a Real Recovery – where you can read about how sustainability is now synonymous with business performance, and is the only path forward for those businesses that want to survive and thrive in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on these themes from Sancroft over the coming months, and for write-ups for our upcoming sessions on the National Food Strategy and the current state of waste management reform in the UK.

This month’s newsletter includes a piece from our Consultant, Ross Lakhdari, who examines corporate purpose and what this means in a time of crisis, and Director, Felix Gummer, who examines plastics policy and why government and business should still be driving this.

Our Senior Analyst, Aran Spivey, has also put together a quick guide to help those tackling modern slavery and human rights reporting, to which the government has announced a six month extension for this year’s reporting requirement. We believe that although this leaves the temptation to kick the can down the road, the case for acting now is clear.

I hope that these insights inform and inspire you to start driving change within your organisations! If you would like to learn more about any of these or similar themes, the team at Sancroft and I are here to provide you with expert guidance to help you deliver on what is most important for your business – and to help you get there quickly.