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Sancroft monthly insight: January 2020 Edition
29th January 2020 Judy Kuszewski
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One of the biggest challenges that organisations face at the beginning of what some are calling the decade of sustainability is understanding how to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

The combination of new policy, new taxes, changing consumer habits and increased scrutiny makes the task of plotting the right path forward a difficult one for businesses and investors.

Our experience at Sancroft is that success in developing an effective, timely response to these challenges comes from the ability to understand the implications of this landscape for business while learning from organisations who are further on in their journeys.

With this in mind, we are pleased to bring you the new Sancroft monthly newsletter where we share with you our insight around the key sustainability issues of the day and their implications for businesses and investors.

In this first issue we look at how biodiversity will move up the sustainability agenda in 2020 and how increased pressure for transparency around sustainability provides opportunities for business.

As the reduction of plastic use and pollution continues to top the sustainability agenda, we share the lessons we have learnt in helping one of the UK’s leading supermarkets develop their packaging strategy.

We also highlight our two recent thought leadership reports we have published on the issue, which together map out the challenges facing business and a practical framework for how to respond.

Lastly, we highlight the opportunity to sign up for invites to the regular seminars and events that we hold for businesses and investors throughout the year.