Sancroft Seasonal Podcast #NotJustForChristmas

Sancroft Seasonal Podcast #NotJustForChristmas
7th December 2017 Sancroft Team
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At Sancroft we work with businesses that recognise the opportunities in sustainability, and want to make profits of which they can be proud.

But why stop there? We have come together with some of the pioneering entrepreneurs – who have created social enterprises designed to deliver on the social and environmental challenges of our time, through the very products and services they provide.

In this podcast we will be hearing from:

  • Jenny Costa from Rubies in the Rubble
  • Camilla Marcus Dew from Soap Co
  • Eve Wagg from Well Grounded Jobs
  • Rob Wilson from Toast Ale
  • Joanna Hamer from Juta Shoes

Our conversation explores the rise of social enterprises, the challenges faced in ‘going big’ and the importance of spending wisely – not just at Christmas.

We hope you enjoy it and wish you a very happy Christmas!