Chasing the Green Light – The Industrial Strategy Green Paper

Published on 16/06/2017

Rhys Spence, Analyst

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) launched its Industrial Strategy Green Paper in January 2017. The Government sought industry responses to the paper.

The word ‘strategy’ is arguably more important than ‘industrial’.

Rather than the ‘picking winners’ strategy of the 1970s- a flawed attempt to target specific industries- the government is seeking to form a coherent policy infrastructure capable of accelerating economic growth. The period of ‘picking winners’ holds lessons beyond its perceived failure; the relationships between the state and the markets needs to be reframed as supportive and complementary rather than co-opting.

Remembering Ernst Ligteringen (d. 15 June 2017)

Published on

Judy Kuszewski, Chief Executive

When it was announced in 2002 that Ernst Ligteringen had been selected to serve as the first chief executive of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), I asked my colleague Bob Massie – who founded and led GRI alongside Allen White, from its inception – to tell me about him. I learned the usual background résumé, that Ernst had had a lengthy career in international development, including some 6 years as executive director of Oxfam International, roles at the Red Cross/Crescent and International Labour Organisation, among others. But most importantly, Bob told me that, when he’d spoken to Ernst’s previous colleagues, they had – to an individual – told him “they would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

‘It’s quite amazing to see what’s already been achieved.’ A chat with Sancroft’s founder and chairman, Lord Deben, on climate change and the outlook for responsible business in the UK and beyond

Published on 06/06/2017

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by challenging news in the quest for sustainability. Is climate change the most catastrophic risk our society has ever faced? Have we met the challenges with strength and courage, or are we nowhere near the mark? Is now the opportunity of a lifetime to make impactful change for the better? I caught up with our chairman, Lord Deben (John), to hear his views.

Modern Slavery – How Corporate Culture is Evolving

Published on 15/05/2017

Georgina Erangey

Georgina Erangey, senior consultant at Sancroft, talks with Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum, about the challenges for companies engaging with the complexities of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act’s requirements.

Retail Disruption: How Technology is Redefining the Retail Landscape

Published on 10/05/2017

Ben Hart

Disruption is rapidly accelerating within the retail industry, making traditional models of business obsolete and creating new competitors in a market once dominated by long-standing giants. This presents a major opportunity for retailers to embed sustainability into the core of new strategies; adopting leaner and smarter operational practices. Nevertheless, present and future disruption in the retail sector will prove to be a challenge and a major test of agility.

Highlights from the 2017 Sedex Stakeholder Forum Meeting and Sedex Conference

Published on 12/04/2017

Nora Wolters

On April 6th, Sedex hosted the 2017 Sedex Stakeholder Forum (SSF) and Sedex Conference, separate events held on the same day. Sancroft Consultant Nora Wolters, who previously worked for Sedex and was directly involved in the organisation of these events, participated in the meetings and shares her highlights:

Fifth UN Forum on Business and Human Rights: Sancroft’s Reflections

Published on 18/01/2017

Isabella Stanbrook

The UN’s annual gathering of companies and stakeholders on business and human rights has served as a significant platform for advancing the concepts as well as strengthening the practical response to human rights risk through business activity. Sancroft Senior Analyst Isabella Stanbrook reports her findings.

2016 – The Year of the Sugar Tax?

Published on 15/12/2016

After the surprise announcement in March by former Chancellor, George Osborne, that a sugar levy would be introduced in the UK in 2018, interventions like sugar taxes aiming to steer people away from sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) towards healthier options have gathered momentum in countries around the world. France, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, and South Africa have all proposed or introduced a sugar tax of some description. In addition to encouraging behaviour change in consumers, the sugar levy is catalysing industry to reformulate their products.

Business & Human Rights: Why Measurement is an Important Theme

Published on 03/11/2016

More than two thirds of the world’s 50 largest companies already have a specific human rights policy. This reflects a growing corporate awareness of human rights impacts. Businesses continue report on CR but there has been a change in expectations and the form of CR reporting. In this insight, Sancroft experts conceptualise “measurement” in three ways and suggest ways in which measurement present opportunities for business.

The UK’s Childhood Obesity Plan: What’s Next?

Published on 11/10/2016

Sancroft analyses various elements of the recently launched UK Childhood Obesity Plan, possible responses and proposals for how business can play a positive role in the health of UK children. It also provides insight into the food and beverage industry’s conversations and concerns regarding the future implications of the plan.