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David Eves CB

Health & Safety

David has 38 years experience of health and safety at work, including 17 years as a Board Member of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and 13 as the Deputy Director General of HSE, with responsibility for 4,000 staff and a £200m budget.

David was Chief Inspector of Health and Safety in Great Britain from 1985-2002 and a member of the EU Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee from 1982-2002. In addition, he has thirty years’ experience of international negotiation and liaison with EU and ILO, lecturing in USA, China, India, Japan, Africa, and Europe (EU, Baltic, central and eastern states). David and John Gummer are joint authors of a book, published in 2006, entitled Questioning Performance: The Director’s Essential Guide to Health, Safety and the Environment which has become a valued addition to many directors’ desks.