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Areas of Expertise

Environmental Regulations

Since our inception in 1997, Sancroft has worked with global brands to counter commercial risks and maximise business opportunities inherent in both environmental impacts and regulation. The core Sancroft offering focuses on pollution to air, water, land and waste. Our expertise is worldwide, with specialists embedded in Europe, China, Brazil and the United States.

Our consultancy is subdivided into seven core products:

1) Market development: We advocate for specific regulation and policies and form and run trade associations on behalf of clients;

2) Business development: We integrate specific firms into strategic commercial markets through designing and implementing engagement strategies and making introductions;

3) Regulatory horizon scanning: We monitor the latest regulatory developments and estimated trajectory of environmental regulations;

4) Market analysis: We undertake research and produce reports related to new commercial opportunities for green technology providers;

5) Environmental performance: We advise firms on the business risk related to specific environmental factors (such as deforestation, water use, green taxes) and help them improve their performance;

6) Target setting: We work with companies to set and work towards achieving environmental targets;

7) Reporting: We undertake environmental reporting (for example of carbon, waste or water).